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Our Members

Digital Nomad hosts professionals from a range of backgrounds and companies. Here’s a snapshot of who’s working in our shared office space!

Wilson Hurst is a boutique property consultancy with branches in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. A team of zippy consultants are on site at Digital Nomad, as well as a young and vibrant crew working on the Ultra-Fast Broadband project for Chorus. Read more about Wilson Hurst here.

The Wellington branch of Dewhirst Law specialises in providing residential and commercial conveyancing services to the greater Wellington area. They work with property owners and buyers on the sale and purchase of property, as well as refinancing. Look them up here.

The Wellington Project Plus team are housed here at Digital Nomad and offer project management consultancy, resourcing, training and certification. They are a lively, professional bunch who love to engage with the shared office environment and are always down for group quizzes and Friday socialising. Have a look at their website here.

QMS is leading the way in outdoor media. From digital and static signage to advertising on public transport, QMS creates innovative and engaging advertising campaigns with massive reach. Check them out here.

Practiv_ is a business engineering group that offers across the board business technology solutions. Their Wellington engineer, Jared, has been based here at Digital Nomad since we opened. Read more about their services here.

EQ Struc is a group of trusted specialists who work on making seismic assessments and earthquake strengthening. They’re in and out of the coworking space a lot, doing some very important work in the Wellington area as well as nationally. Read more about them here.

Tocker Associates is a Wellington-based leadership consultancy who work in leadership development and strategic planning. Their busy and dynamic crew is located in our shared office space on Lombard Street. Read about their work here.

Finman is a greater Wellington area-based financial and accounting service. They offer an incredibly in-depth service for all types of businesses, and pride themselves on their glowing customer feedback. They are also active in the community and sponsor a range of local events and charities. Check out their website here.

Carbon Forest Services specialises in providing guidance to individuals, companies, and councils regarding all areas of forestry under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. With over ten years of experience in the biz, they are incredibly well placed to offer the best advice. Take a look at their website here.

AMG Immigration are the go-to folk for anything visa or immigration related. They help with both temporary and permanent visas, as well as applications for residency, and also offer all-inclusive packages to ensure their clients are meeting their tax obligations and more. You can read more about them here.

Bulletproof are all about helping their clients transition to and utilise the incredible potential of cloud-based business. They facilitate the move to the cloud by taking into account the intent and overall strategy of their clients. Read more about their approach here.

EcoTiny’s are stylish, healthy Scandinavian inspired prefab tiny homes. The team is working to build affordable homes in the most unaffordable housing market ever. Read more about how they’re changing the game here.