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4 of the Best Shared Office Spaces in Wellington

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (10/05/2018)

Well, we know that shared office culture has boomed. Some of our previous articles have made some pretty broad claims about how they can be for anyone. Are you convinced?

In this article I’m going to show that regardless of where you’re at in your career or business project, there’s a shared office space for you, right here in windy little Wellington. So rather than make grand judgements about these spaces, I’m going to categorise them based on what customers need. Because one shared office space doesn’t necessarily suit all, but you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a shared space out there that suits you.

All of the following spaces are centrally located in Wellington City.

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Why Coworking is the Number One Trick to Improve Your Business

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (20/02/2018)

Pssst! I want to share a secret.

It’s a thing that you can do to save on expenses, boost productivity and focus, make you more accessible to clients, network with other entrepreneurs and professionals, and best of all, it’s easy.

Do you want flexible hours, a sense of community, and a beautiful space to meet with and entertain clients?

You might have guessed where I’m going with this. If you haven’t – surprise! – I’m talking about coworking.

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2018: What’s Next?

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (15/01/2018)

I don’t know about you all, but it feels to me like technological development is speeding up in an undeniably exponential way. In 2018, digital advancement shows no signs of slowing down. Is this exciting, or is it just plain terrifying?

In a Business Insider article predicting big tech trends in 2018, they note that over the past ten years almost every industry has been disrupted by digital technologies. The timeframes for technological developments are shrinking dramatically as well – the infrastructure for connectivity already exists; the distance between suppliers and consumers has all but collapsed as our world has become more digitised. Impossible physical distances and access to the billions that constitute the consumer market are now just a matter of clicks away.

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Hear Them Roar: The Wellington Lions in 2017

Vaughan Wilson and Emily Tehrase Brouwer (05/12/2017)

Last month, the Wellington Lions won the Championship Trophy for the Mitre 10 Cup. This week we’d like to reflect on past seasons and how they climbed to the top this year. At Digital Nomad Coworking Wellington, our founder Vaughan Wilson’s company Wilson Hurst is currently the largest team. Since the company was formed in 2010, Wilson Hurst have been a strong supporter of New Zealand Rugby.

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The Internet Thinks I’m Still Pregnant

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (15/11/2017)

An exciting project is underway here at the Digital Nomad coworking space, with filmmakers Hannah Truly and Daniel Fraser using the space over the past and coming weekends to work on their respective films.

This week I spoke with Hannah, who has been working as Costume Designer and Art Director for Daniel’s film, but has her own project underway as well. Hannah has adapted Amy Pittman’s New York Times: Modern Love story into a screenplay and is Producer, Director and Co-Production Designer for the film. Excitingly, our coworking space has a starring role – Digital Nomad has been cast as the setting for “The Internet” in the film!

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The Lombard Launch

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (10/11/2017)

The Lombard Laneway has officially launched! Last Friday saw the grand opening of the area that has been developed by the Wellington City Council. The council and Lombard businesses all worked together to launch the Lane in great style! Here at Digital Nomad, we offered tours of our premium coworking space for those curious about what was happening on the upper level of the building.

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Wellington Dishes Up Premium Office Space

By Vaughan Wilson (01/09/2017)

Wellington on a Plate is an annual celebration of all things culinary in the Best Little City in the World. The festival is a region-wide showcase of Wellington’s restaurants, venues, and laneways, providing local produce suppliers with the opportunity for some publicity, and chefs with the freedom to get creative and devise their own menus. Best of all, it allows diners to experience an attentively curated variety of food and beverages.

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The Lombard Laneway Upgrade

By Emily Tehrase Brouwer (16/08/2017)

Have you been curious about what’s going on in between Victoria Street and Manners Street? A beautiful complex has sprung up from the demolition and retail stores are emerging from behind tall glass windows, but that little labyrinth of lanes and pathways is currently cordoned off and swarming with equipment and workpeople. We’ve been hearing a buzz in the news recently about the combination of efforts from developer Cook Strait Properties and the Wellington City Council – but what does it mean for locals?

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