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Xero Embraces Shared Offices: The Changing Landscape of the Workplace

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (12/03/2018)

Something exciting is happening in the sphere of shared office spaces in New Zealand. The long-predicted crossover between big corporate and shared working culture is upon us! The demand for shared office spaces is surging right now, and it is something that individuals, workers and big businesses can use to collaborate and build upon.

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We’ve Created a Monster: The Frightful Five and Net Neutrality

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (15/12/2017)

It feels as though just about every podcast I have listened to in the past couple of weeks has discussed the Frightful Five. They’re a hot topic in the wake of news that Russia may have used the social media platform Facebook to manipulate the US election. Now that the Federal Communications Commission has voted to repeal net neutrality, it looks as though the entire landscape of the internet might be about to undergo some huge changes. As with any event that takes place online, it’s happening quite literally before our eyes.

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Don’t Wait Around: Businesswomen in New Zealand

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (04/10/2017)

New Zealand has a uniquely fraught history when it comes to women in business and politics. We are the only country to have had women in each of the country’s key constitutional positions: prime minister, governor-general, speaker of the House of Representatives, attorney-general and chief justice – yet presently in 2017, women are still hugely under-represented in leadership roles.

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Not Just For Start-Ups: How Coworking Can Benefit Established Industry Professionals

Emily Tehrase Brouwer (13/09/2017)

The coworking trend has taken off in the past few years, but until recently it has been more associated with startups than with established businesses. Now, we are beginning to see more industry professionals take advantage of the benefits of coworking environments.

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