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Welcome to Digital Nomad.

Kiwis are born innovators, but traditional work environments can be stifling for both creativity and productivity. At Digital Nomad, we’ve designed a shared office space that’s brimming with everything you need to make your professional journey easier.

Our premium, boutique coworking space has been designed with professionalism, productivity, and community in mind. We have taken the contemporary model of the shared office environment and optimised it for professionals. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to thrive either as a business or individual.

Digital Nomad NZ
Digital Nomad NZ
Digital Nomad NZ
Digital Nomad NZ

Digital Nomad shared offices are suited to individuals and small teams who want to take their businesses to the next level. The central locations and premium facilities are perfect for business meetings and give our tenants the edge they need to drive productivity and get ahead.

The environment at Digital Nomad coworking is focused, professional and dynamic. The break-out space is separate from the work area so if others are playing hard while you’re working hard (or vice versa!) there are no distractions.

As a member of our shared office you will enjoy a dedicated desk space with all the mod-cons: from sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs to storage, printing, 24 hour access and a beautiful outdoor area.

Best of all, the price is all-inclusive, so it means no more fiddling around with complicated invoices.

Whether you’re an up and coming entrepreneur or an established industry professional, there is a place for you at Digital Nomad. Join our community of like-minded professionals and get on board with the community-building and networking potential of coworking today!


All-Inclusive Prices

Our members enjoy a fully-inclusive price and full access – no add-ons!


Casual members can rent our space or hot-desk – just call us or send us a message.

Focused and Fun

Our space is designed so that there are no distractions if you are working whilst others enjoy their down-time.

Digital Nomad NZ
Digital Nomad NZ
Digital Nomad NZ
Digital Nomad NZ